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The Regional Old Colony Communications Center (ROCCC), located in Duxbury, MA handles 911 calls, Police, Fire, and EMS dispatching for the Towns of Duxbury, Plympton, Halifax, Hanson and Rochester. In 2020, ROCCC unveiled its new headquarters which includes new public safety consoles. The Center was designed to exemplify the agency’s vision,

…be the benchmark provider of Public Safety Emergency Communications services in the state as evidenced by innovation, professional excellence, reliability and customer service.

The center serves ROCCC’s needs today and allows them to expand to meet growth expectations. ROCCC opened with 11 active dispatching positions and has room to add four more over the next one to three years. Director Mike Mahoney and Captain Rob Reardon led the project, researching, testing, and gaining feedback from teams before selecting upgraded technology and equipment including dispatch consoles. When considering dispatch consoles, they had three priorities:

  • IT integration including unique monitor display
  • Dispatcher health and comfort
  • Durability

While their previous Russ Bassett consoles performed exceptionally, the team performed due diligence and examined multiple console manufacturers and their options.  Russ Bassett Flex consoles once again came out on top.

ROCCC 911 Public Safety Consoles


Seamless Technology Integration

Best-in-class technology integration provides easy access to equipment and all the wires are smartly managed and concealed.


Consoles Deliver Ergonomic Health and Comfort

The single surface consoles are height adjustable and the monitors adjust. Mahoney shared that this is something the team missed when working from their temporary facility.

regional old colony communications center consoles

They (the dispatchers) love it! As you would imagine, our dispatchers all have different comfort needs. They missed having ergonomics with sit to stand adjustment and personal comfort controls. Most of them move from sit to stand during the shift to stretch their legs and adjust both temperature and lighting to be comfortable.

An array of available upgrades allowed ROCCC to choose specific accessories to support their agency work goals. This includes a new monitor display. The agency consolidated many support systems to a single 43” monitor at the center which is flanked by screens for 911 and radio. The Slatwall Array with electric height adjustment and manual focal depth adjustment means each operator can meet monitor viewing ergonomic and comfort goals.


911 Dispatch Consoles that are Built to Last

In addition to meeting their team’s daily functional needs, Reardon had this to share, “Nothing out there can touch this. Russ Bassett is rugged and it can’t be destroyed. When our old (Russ Bassett) consoles were finally removed, they looked new and every piece of furniture has been gifted.”

911 dispatchers at ROCCC 911

Director Mahoney echoes Reardon’s statement, adding that based on their previous experience with Russ Bassett, “The Russ Bassett team has been great the whole time. The installation was efficient and the experience was easy. We expect these consoles to last forever.”


ROCCC 911 Consoles Floor plan 

ROCCC floor plan typical rendering

ROCCC floor plan


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