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Every day, civilian and military pilots alike put their trust in a Radar Approach Control to guide them safely through the sky. The FAA Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) or Military Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) is essential to these pilots’ wellbeing, especially in inclement weather and in other situations where pilots can’t see much of their surrounding airspace.

Your Approach Controllers need the best, most durable furniture while they work long hours on mission-critical work. Here are five reasons to buy your TRACON/RAPCON consoles from Russ Bassett:


1. ATC-Optimized Console Design

Russ Bassett’s Vector consoles have unique equipment mounting capabilities that are ideal for TRACON/RAPCON customers. Our dual ribbed frames are reinforced every 12”, eliminating deflection, and our ultra-durable Slatwall attachments ensure you have a flexible and lasting solution for all your equipment.

We hold a patent for the proprietary welded steel assembly used on these consoles (US 9,161,162 B1), as well as for the mounts affixed to the Slatwall that spread the weight across a larger area than conventional mounts would (US 9,182,076 B2).

Our Slatwall design provides a continuous, safe, universal attachment method so technology can be placed wherever it is needed. We offer custom housing and mount options for unique displays. Users can easily deploy and reposition technology without disruptive sawing or drilling.

When you choose Russ Bassett, you get a stable, rugged mount with all the dynamic tilt and swivel needed for each controller to meet their ergonomic needs.


2. TRACON/RAPCON Console Long-Term Durability


Air traffic control is a 24/7/365 responsibility. Air traffic control and TRACON/RAPCON controllers need furniture that will last over the long haul, even with constant usage. TRACON/RAPCON furniture should be designed for a multi-decade life cycle.

At Russ Bassett, our consoles, equipment mounts, writing surfaces, and cabinetry are developed to withstand the rigors of a TRACON/RAPCON environment for many years to come. We also make sure our furniture is flexible enough to mount and display old and new technologies as your equipment needs change.


3. TRACON/RAPCON Console Strength and Stability

Russ Bassett’s Vector radar console has a Seismic Certification from the University of California, Berkeley. This means the console was tested on a “Shake Table” and met a high standard for strength and stability even under earthquake-like conditions.

Our Vector consoles and mounts not only met the certification standard of 0.5 times the force of gravity, but went above and beyond to withstand 2.0 times the force of gravity under additional testing. This is roughly the equivalent of an 8.0 earthquake on the Richter Scale. All mounted technology and equipment remained fully functional after the tests.

Watch the video below to see a Russ Bassett Vector console exposed to a Shake Test at 2.0 times the force of gravity:

We are the only manufacturer under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for ATC consoles that meets this level of engineering and tested performance standards.


4. TRACON/RAPCON Equipment Protection

Russ Bassett’s Vector consoles have deep, secure spaces for equipment that are framed in steel. They are well-lit and well-ventilated to help protect the equipment inside. A roll-up tambour door provides unobtrusive access to equipment.

We also provide fully integrated cable management to keep your people safe and your cables protected. Your safety is paramount, no matter how your equipment is positioned.

We know your TRACON/RAPCON controllers rely on an array of communications and radar technology and equipment to do mission-critical work. Our durable equipment spaces are designed to stand up to regular usage, maintenance, and critical updates for this equipment throughout the console’s lifetime.


5. Made in the USA

Russ Bassett consoles, furniture, and equipment are proudly made and manufactured in the USA. When you buy from us, you support a stronger American economy, a lower carbon footprint, and better manufacturing standards that support worker health and human rights. You also get to enjoy faster service and support.

Russ Bassett is proud to be the only manufacturer under contract with the FAA that is US owned and manufacturing 100% of our products in the USA.


Choose Russ Bassett For Your TRACON/RAPCON Operation

Russ Bassett consoles are made in the USA and trusted by many FAA and airforce facilities. You will find our consoles at the soon-to-be-completed FAA facilities in Charlotte, NC, Greensboro, NC, and Fort Meyers, FL. The airforce also has three towers now utilizing Russ Bassett Consoles at Seymour Johnson AFB (NC), Maxwell AFB (AL), and Edwards AFB (CA), as well as consoles in Range and Radar Facilities at Edwards AFB and China Lake Naval Air Station.

TRACON/RAPCON consoles and equipment are used constantly by people doing critical work every day of the year. Your controllers need furniture that is durable enough to withstand extreme use and protect all of the equipment that is essential to the mission.

Check out our Vector Console page to learn more about how our consoles are optimized for demanding TRACON/RAPCON and other ATC environments. Our Vector consoles are seismically certified to 2.0 G and designed to flexibly attach and protect all the equipment you need.

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