Last updated on December 11th, 2023 at 03:08 pm

Finding a dispatch workstation with the most essential amenities for comfort, safety, and performance doesn’t have to be difficult. With Russ Basset, it’s easy to find or customize your consoles with thoughtful ergonomics, personal comfort systems, ambient lighting, and smart technology.

Here are the three amenities our dispatcher customers most prefer:


A Personal Comfort System Within the Dispatch Workstation

Some dispatch consoles allow operators to personally adjust their localized heating and cooling systems to ensure their utmost comfort throughout their workday. Personalized heating and cooling arrangements can help minimize tension and discomfort while boosting the operator’s energy and focus levels during a high-stress shift.

At Russ Bassett, our dispatch workstation controls are designed with smart ergonomics to allow for easy access and functionality:

  • Desktop sensors monitor a user’s movement in order to turn cooling or heating systems on or off after 15 minutes of undetected motion.
  • Moveable desktop fans can be placed strategically on slatwalls, which are walls surrounding the workstation that allow dispatchers to easily mount and move tools.
  • Individual heaters positioned below the surface of a user’s desk can be tilted and adjusted to blow heat where it is needed.


Console Height Adjustability

Dispatch consoles can be height adjusted and personalized to fit each operator’s preference and provide a consistently pleasant work experience. These ergonomics also eliminate discomfort and injury over the long term.

Russ Bassett’s sit-to-stand adjustable height desks allow users to remain comfortable and avoid upper back and neck pain, which is usually caused by continuously sitting in the same position over long time periods. Standing for part of the workday has been proven to improve mood and increase employees’ productivity.


Task and Ambient Lighting

Task lighting provides dispatch consoles and their users with a focused glow around their work zone. Desktop and dashboard lights with 180 degrees of flexibility are mounted to free up desk space while providing the perfect amount of light wherever it’s needed. A long list of light settings allows operators to use the perfect type and amount of lighting for their environment.

Stack LED towers work as situational awareness signals, informing others when an operator is available, busy on a call, or in need of immediate assistance. Multiple indicator lights can be on at the same time for optimal communication.


Get The Best Dispatch Workstation Today!

Russ Bassett’s dispatch workspaces and consoles are designed with the best PSAP amenities on the market. Our customizable accessories, thoughtful design, and sturdy materials help operators work at their highest capacity while remaining comfortable and safe. In addition, all of Russ Bassett’s products have been made for decade-plus performance and are covered by a 10 Year Everything Warranty.

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