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Public safety answering points (PSAPs) need to be much more streamlined than the average workplace. While basic control room desks are a great option for many offices, PSAPs need more specialized console furniture for teams to do their job successfully throughout long hours and shifts.

Specialty accessories, high-end technology, and personalizable features help operators working at PSAPs feel in control of their environment, allowing them to work at their highest capacity. Knowing what makes console furniture different from basic control room desks can help you choose the best dispatch workstation for your PSAP.


Basic Control Room Desks vs. Specialized Console Furniture

Console furniture is created with PSAP operators in mind. These consoles include special features to increase focus and shave time off of emergency responses, like multi-monitor management, status lights, convenient storage, and multi-point ergonomic adjustments. When you buy specialty console furniture, you get a superior product that addresses the many different pain-points that crop up during a mission-critical work shift.

Basic control room desks, on the other hand, offer much more limited amenities. Often, all you get is a standard office work surface with minimal height adjustment.

While control room desks may be enough for many corporate jobs, specialty consoles are the furniture of choice for high-stress, critical work such as 911 telecommunications and security operations.


3 Reasons to Choose Console Furniture for Your PSAP


Comprehensive Height Adjustability

Specialty console furniture is perfect for PSAPs because it integrates smart ergonomic amenities that support awareness, comfort, and overall mental and physical health. Their ergonomic features and accessories, which can be adjusted based on a user’s preferences, allow operators to feel at ease behind their desk.

Console furniture should always elevate an operator’s workday by being comfortable and customizable. Sit-to-stand adjustable height desks in particular are proven to help stabilize a user’s mood, improve productivity and relieve upper body pain.


Built for 24/7/365

While control room desks are often designed for 9-to-5 workspaces, professional console furniture is designed to be used 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. 911 telecommunicators and other round-the-clock operators need consoles that are durable enough to withstand this level of usage and stress.

At Russ Bassett, all of our products have been made for decade-plus performance and are covered by a 10 Year Everything Warranty.


Health, Comfort and Focus Accessories

Adjustable lighting, heating and cooling, LED light towers for communicating with colleagues, and centralized controls are all popular accessories in console furniture to provide operators with the safest and most streamlined work experience possible. You will not find these features in a standard control room desk.

Slatwalls, which allow tools to be mounted and moved around the workstation, are a particularly helpful console furniture innovation that supports each user’s experience during their shift. Your PSAP team will greatly benefit from console furniture with slatwalls.


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