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Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a “full contact sport” for the furniture and equipment used by air traffic controllers. ATC consoles, electronics, chairs, microphones, and telephones are used constantly by multiple people, 24/7/365 days per year. Furniture and equipment must be built to endure extreme use.


30 Year Durability

The consoles that furnish an air traffic control facility are typically designed for a three-decade life cycle. The design and engineering of the consoles, including equipment mounts, writing surfaces and cabinetry, are developed to withstand the rigors of the ATC environment AND to be flexible enough to mount and display old and new technologies.


Russ Bassett - Air Traffic Control - TRACON Slatwall Console WorkstationPatented ATC Console Design

Russ Bassett’s engineers and design specialists go to great lengths to create products that withstand the ATC 24/7 shift work environment for 30 years and more.


Russ Bassett holds a patent for the proprietary welded steel assembly used on Vector consoles (US 9,161,162 B1). Vector consoles deliver unique equipment mounting capabilities to Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) and Radar Approach Control (RAPCON) customers. The dual ribbed frames and ultra-durable slatwall attachments included as part of the steel assembly ensure agencies have a flexible and lasting solution for equipment mounting.


Protected under a separate patent, the mounts affix to the slatwall and spread the weight across a larger area than conventional mounts (US 9,182,076 B2). The result is a rugged and stable mount that provides as much dynamic tilt and swivel as the controller needs to meet ergonomic and comfort goals.


Seismic Testing Confirm Console Strength and Stability

The Vector radar console also has a Seismic Certification from the University of California, Berkley where it was put on a “Shake Table” and tested. Not only did Vector meet the standard, .5 times the force of gravity, under additional testing Vector withstood 2.0 times the force of gravity which is roughly the equivalent of an 8.0 Richter Scale earthquake.

No other manufacturer under contract with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for ATC consoles meets Russ Bassett’s engineering and tested performance standards.


Russ Bassett - Air Traffic Control - Console Workstation -McCarranEquipment Protection in ATC Consoles

The communications and radar technology and equipment that ATC teams rely on are also protected by design. Russ Bassett Vector and Vertex ATC consoles have secure equipment spaces are framed in steel, well-lit and well ventilated to protect the equipment within. The durable design stands-up to the steady rhythm of regular maintenance and critical updates throughout the console’s lifetime.



View the Console Shake Test

In this video, Russ Bassett Vector consoles are exposed to a Shake Test at 2.0 times the force of gravity.

Russ Bassett ATC Consoles Durability on the Shake Table


Mitch Herrick Russ Bassett ATC Consoles Director

Mitch Herrick, Director of ATC Consoles joined Russ Bassett with more than 32 years experience as an air traffic controller.

Knowing how the ATC environment functions is really important.  My experience as a controller and my years of interactions with both controllers and maintenance personnel helps me to help the customer.  – Mitch Herrick, Director ATC Consoles


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