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Have you ever wondered what we mean by “command center furniture”? Read on to find out what this term means and how it can benefit your organization.

What Is Command Center Furniture?

Command center furniture is a type of specialized furniture used in mission-critical settings such as traffic control and security operations centers. This furniture is designed to create a comfortable, intuitive, and customizable work environment for the professionals who use it.

In markets such as public safety, transportation, air traffic control, and other professional domains, it is critical to provide users with functional command center consoles and other furniture customized to each industry’s specific needs.

9 Types of Organizations that Use Command Center Furniture


1. Public Safety

911 telecommunicators and information technology specialists benefit from command center furniture daily. Well-designed public safety command consoles support comfort and attentiveness, aiding dispatchers in their demanding, high-stress shifts. With adjustable sit-to-stand surfaces, monitor heights, and monitor focal depths as well as centralized control centers, users are better equipped to provide the best service with ease.

2. Transportation

Whether you work in transportation control, roadway and railway safety, or railway or shipping operations, command center furniture can help users accomplish their tasks at hand. Transportation control center consoles provide accommodating, supportive ergonomics for monitor-intensive workspaces and are customizable to varying body types.

3. Air Traffic Control Command Center

Air traffic command center consoles provide users with personalized technology and appliances specifically selected for the challenging 24/7 work environment. With specialized designs and materials, such as flexible mounted equipment and intensive cable management, these consoles ensure an intuitive and hassle-less experience.

4. Airport Operations

Airport command center furniture is proven to provide airport security and surveillance operators with safe and pleasant workspaces. Curved and height-adjustable monitors, sit-to-stand surfaces, and easy access to maintenance systems help operators to feel supported from their desks to their tech.

5. Utilities

Utility companies can allow for quicker response times with command console technology and furniture that encourages user awareness and safety. Utility control consoles provide adjustable multi-monitor displays to help users find the most comfortable viewing and working positions for long, extensive shifts.

6. Process Control

You can improve management at your manufacturing facility, oil and gas company, powerplant, or other process control facility by installing professional command center furniture to help your employees stay organized and attentive. With multi-screen monitor systems and customizable display and surface heights, process control console users can be ready for any situation.

7. Security Operations

Whether you are working on cybersecurity, access control, or any other form of security control operations, command consoles can help support rapid response systems, reduce fiscal risks, and protect your equipment and information. Security operations consoles come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best support your business and team.

8. Government Command Center

Government command center furniture helps protect essential technology and equipment for government and military offices. Expansive work surfaces and multi-monitor control panels allow users to stay organized and prepared for any scenario. Adjustable equipment enables users to maintain a healthy and relaxed posture and the best positioning to ensure long-term comfort.

9. Corporate

In any corporate setting, command center furniture consoles can assure your employees remain comfortable and at ease. With one-touch control, the user’s desks can transform from a seated position to standing within seconds. High-end corporate command consoles provided individual heating, lighting, and cooling systems for a personalized user experience.

If you think your organization could benefit from command center furniture, we encourage you to explore our offerings!

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