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Russ Bassett is one of the most well-respected companies in the console furniture market. When it comes to military control room consoles, our high-tech designs, customer service, and warranties stand out against our competitors.

If you’re looking to invest in a military control room console, look no further than Russ Bassett. You’ll see the difference when you work with us and use our products, every step of the way.


A Team You Can Trust

Russ Bassett is known to have some of the most experienced and trusted employees in the military control room console industry. You will be impressed by the quality of service Russ Bassett can offer you throughout the furniture buying and installation process.

Our team members are reliable, easy to communicate with, and incredibly knowledgeable about military control room consoles. We know which furniture will best suit you and your organization’s needs.

Our reputation in the console furniture industry is unmatched. We are known for making top-notch military control room consoles backed by the best customer service around. Our employees will stay in communication with you from project inception to completion, and even long after your project has wrapped up.


A Time-Tested Process

military control room

Russ Bassett has a process that has been time-tested and proven to work. Here are some things that you can expect when partnering with us for your military control room consoles:

  • We listen carefully to all of the questions and ideas you may have regarding your new furniture. We then go above and beyond by talking with the intended users of your military control room consoles to get a deep understanding of their wants, needs, and pain points.
  • We will present you with our design ideas before starting your project and adjust any features you would like to change.
  • If you choose Russ Bassett, we will handle everything from the design to installation in order to streamline the process for you.
  • We provide consistent and ongoing support to all of our customers, even after your project has been fully completed. Our 10-Year Everything Warranty covers all parts, shipping, and labor for your new military control room console.

A Console With Features Optimized For Military Control Rooms

At Russ Bassett, we ensure that our military control room furniture is equipped with features that are specifically optimized for your needs. 

Our military control room consoles are designed so that all controls and important equipment are within easy reach. We make workstations height adjustable so every user can stay comfortable, focused, and alert during long shifts. There are additional adjustable options for monitor height and focal depth.

Russ Bassett consoles are also made to adapt to the ever-changing technology that is needed in military control rooms. Our furniture is flexible enough to withstand the evolution of technology and durable enough for constant usage.

We design our military control consoles with security in mind. Russ Bassett has strong safety standards and experience working with high-security clients, so you can trust that your information and technology will be safe.

An All-Inclusive Warranty

Russ Bassett’s all-inclusive warranty is unmatched in the industry. Our 10-Year Everything Warranty has no fine print and is as clear and straightforward as possible. We cover all items and parts related to your military control room console, including shipping and labor, for a decade after your purchase.

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